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All Inclusive Business Legal Advice

LawPlan members have unlimited access to the business law helpline and the ability to directly ask a lawyer for legal advice on all manner of legal issues  in business, ‌‌disputes and legal compliance requirements facing start-ups and small businesses in the UK.

Our quality assured business model ensures that our business lawyers are all covered by professional indemnity insurance leaving you to rest easy that we have the necessary business legal cover.

With extensive experience and clients from a wide range of industry sectors including the motor trade, building and construction, marketing, design, manufacturing, finance and retail, we can provide you with the help your business needs.

Putting our skill, expertise and experience to the test we pride ourselves on being able to answer your legal questions on the spot as good as any commercial law firms, whether on contract law, business law or commercial law.

Yes, technology has evolved to provide online legal services and legal advice online but here at Lawplan its personal. We know that when a business need a lawyer, its serious and they need to ask a lawyer and get fast and effective business legal advice

Some of the legal issues that Lawplan lawyers can help you with include: reviewing and drafting contracts, employment issues, small claims advice, how to recover money you are owed, defending a claim against you: we’ve got your business covered

LawPlan for Small Business

In a challenging economic and commercial climate the need for speed and efficiency can lead to risk and uncertainty, making it more important than ever to get the legal advice on the legal issues in business‌‌ and the peace of mind you need.

LawPlan is revolutionising business legal services and the way commercial law firms do business setting our selves apart from solicitors for small businesses‌‌ and becoming an essential part of every independent trader's, entrepreneur's and home business resources.

Contract Law 

Getting quick, reliable and understandable contract law legal advice from a lawyer on contract terms and conditions and potential breach of contract can avoid expensive mistakes and minor issues turning into costly problems. 


Company Law 

When starting out, many small businesses and sole traders decide to create a limited company.  With limited liability comes greater legal responsibility under the Companies Act 2006 for directors and shareholders alike. LawPlan lawyers are on hand to help with your company law advice and agreements.


Motor Trade Law Package

If you're a motor trader, garage, repairer or car dealer, Motor trade law package has unrivalled sector specific expertise offering depth motor trade law and consumer rights advice and specialist knowledge of the cars, vehicles and the wider motor industry.

With unparalleled experience in all aspects of the car trade, our industry leading lawyers provide legal advice in everyday language.

Construction Law Package

If you're a builder, decorator, plumber, carpenter, or engage in building extensions, loft conversions or property refurbishment, construction law package has a specific construction industry legal services department tailored to meet your needs.

With experience in all aspects of construction law, property development and building work, our construction lawyers offer advice for builder and building firms of JCT Contracts covering all manner of building projects and basement conversions.

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