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All Inclusive Business Mediation

Alternative dispute resolution or ADR includes mediation, a form of facilitated negotiation and highly effective method of resolving all manner of commercial issues, customer complaints and contract disputes, out of court.

As professional lawyers, we are experienced in assessing the legal issues at the centre of the conflict and managing the process through to resolution, allowing you to concentrate on the business.

How does business mediation work?

Without the need for a court or a judge, mediation is faster, more cost effective, successful in more than 80% of cases and of course private, managing your budget while protecting your reputation.

Agreements are binding on the parties by way of a settlement agreement signed by both parties and formulating an enforceable contract. However in reality, owing to the voluntary nature of mediation, invariably both sides stick to the arrangement drawing a line under the matter with no need for recourse to the court.

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