Small business legal services start-up “LawPlan Unlimited” aims to make legal services customer friendly, affordable and easily accessible for all small businesses, sole traders and entrepreneurs.

In doing so, they’ve reverted to simple, tried and tested old fashioned ideas, focusing on value for money and customer service by choosing people over technology, digital platforms and apps.
LawPlan founder Philip Harmer, says “it’s all about changing the stuffy, out of touch stereotype of the legal profession and removing the traditional cost and time barriers to getting legal advice.”

Their lean, direct access business model doesn’t use receptionists, secretaries or a telephone menu, clients simply dial a single local rate number and their call is automatically diverted to the first available lawyer, whether they’re in the office or on the move.

This single point access is not just about getting legal advice on demand but the whole range of small business legal services, whether it’s taking care of a customer complaint, chasing an unpaid invoice, reviewing contracts or handling dispute resolution.

Philip says, “We’re aiming to give businesses a one stop access to their own legal department, giving them the time to concentrate on growing their business, safe in the in the knowledge that we’re looking after their best interests.”

With customer service and peace of mind central to the LawPlan philosophy, the service operates on a fixed, unlimited access, pay monthly tariff of either £49.50 or £99 depending on the size of the business. While initially set up on a 12 month term contract, LawPlan provides for easy cancellation with a 30 day notice period.

Philip goes onto say “People are put off going to a lawyer because of issues of budgeting, value for money and price comparison, LawPlan pay monthly has been set up to address these concerns.”
LawPlan is suitable for all types of businesses, although their practise areas are particularly suited to those supplying goods and services to consumers and they have particular experience in all aspects of the construction and motor industries.
Current clients include general builders, plumbers, window, kitchen and conservatory installers, car dealers, blinds and shutter retailers, joinery firms, flooring contractors and car repair shops.

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