Accessing legal services and hiring a lawyer for your business can be a bit like buying a second hand car, you don’t know how good they are or what their overall costs are going to be, until it’s too late.

The advent of and rise in motor finance agreements, as with contract legal services,  naturally offers a way of spreading the cost with fixed monthly instalments . While this is good for cash flow, it ties you in to a long term agreement with no more incentive for the supplier to deliver value, quality or reliability.

So wouldn’t it be great if, like a used car, you could try before you buy and take the lawyer for a test drive? You could speak to and get advice direct from the person who’d be dealing with your case and then, if you’re happy,  pay monthly without being tied into a contract?

Well, that’s the idea behind LawPlan business legal services.

With calls to their legal advice helpline answered by lawyers, they offer an immediate, no obligation free 15 minute consultation and legal advice on any business related area of law.

First and foremost, they’re experts in business. They apply their legal expertise in contract drafting, negotiation, employment, consumer law and dispute resolution. They will develop and deliver practical, common sense commercial solutions, helping SME’s thrive, not just survive.

If you like what you read, you can sign up to their unlimited access monthly payment legal services, costing £49.50 or £99 (depending on the size of your business) which you can cancel at any time with 1 month notice and with no penalty.

If now’s not the right time and  you just want some free advice,  then that’s fine too.

Too good to be true? Unlike the traditional legal services model, LawPlan clients only stay and pay because they want to, not because they have to, and with a 100% retention and renewal rate, the statistics speak for themselves.

To test drive a LawPlan lawyer call 0333 700 7676.