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All Inclusive Small Claims Support

LawPlan Unlimited offers small businesses and entrepreneurs a comprehensive range of the small claims court advice, help and legal services taking the time and stress out of the small claims process.

Although the small claims track of the county court is designed to be accessed and navigated without a small claims solicitor or lawyer, a professionally drafted particulars of claim or defence can prove invaluable.

What support do we provide?

We offer a specialist small claims lawyer to take care of the process from filing a claim or defence right through to judgement as an integral part of the LawPlan legal services package.

From the outset, LawPlan clients receive specialist legal advice of the strength of a claim, the chances of success and strategy for achieving the best result.

A small claim lawyer will complete all the legal forms and draft all the documents needed including particulars of claim, statement of case, skeleton argument and witness statements.


Unpaid invoices and business debts

If a supplier or customer hasn't paid you and owes you money which is less than £10,000 you could instruct a debt collection agency. If the debt is contested it is unlikely they will achieve a result, however you can issue a claim in court to recover the money.

Subcontractors work not up to standard

If you've carried out work, such as building work for example for a customer and used subcontractors who's work isn't up to scratch, the customer can take legal action against you and you can take action against the subcontractor.

Goods supplied are faulty

If you have bought products or goods from a supplier which are faulty or dangerous, this is amongst the most common claims in the county court. LawPlan prides itself on a speed and efficiency, filing a defence within 48 hours of receiving the claim. We have never been the subject of a default judgment, giving our clients peace of mind that their business is our business.

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